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Superior Vision network providers are valued members of our vision care team. We have millions of members nationwide and we are growing every day. Joining our network means more patients in your office and greater access to eye and vision care for our members.

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If you are an eye care provider or a practice that is interested in joining our network of eye care providers, you can request a provider application packet by filling out the below form or by calling our provider recruitment department at 1 (844) 353-2900.

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If you or your practice are already part of our network and you added a provider to the practice or changed your contact information, please call our provider relations department at 1 (844) 585-2020 and speak with a representative about the addition or change.

Recruiting efforts may include mailing eye care professional applications and recruitment materials with telephone or email communication. Names and addresses of potential practitioners and eye care professionals may be drawn from, but not limited to, the following sources:

  • State Boards of Optometry
  • State Optometric Associations
  • State Licensing Boards
  • Professional Directories
  • Internet searches by medial occupation
  • Counsel for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) database
  • The Blue Book of Optometrists
  • Databases maintained by Superior Vision
  • Client or member recommendations

When expedited eye care professional recruitment is necessary (particularly to prevent an interruption of patient care), an eye care professional recruitment associate may telephone a practitioner directly and encourage the practitioner to submit an application. The associate would typically:

  • Describe Superior Vision’s role as an administrator of vision care plans and
    specify the potential client groups that the practitioner would serve.
  • Explain how the Superior Vision plan is administered and provide details on fees and reimbursement schedules
  • Obtain minimal information about the practitioner’s experience and qualifications. If bother meet Superior Vision’s screening criteria, the representative would encourage the potential practitioner to complete and return an application. The representative will briefly describe the credentialing process.
  • Conclude the conversation by stressing the benefits of participating in the Superior Vision network and the expectation that it will be mutually satisfying relationship.

Reasons for eye care professional recruitment

The primary reasons Superior Vision solicits application from vision care practitioners are:

  • To include additional eye care professionals to improve access to care for eligible members.
  • To satisfy the need for additional eye care professionals in specific geographic regions as determined by internal surveys or patient needs assessments.
  • To include eye care professionals specifically recommended by client groups.
  • To include eye care professionals specifically recommended by patients.
  • To include eye care professionals who have expressed an interest in participating in the network.
  • To replace practitioners who have left the network (retirement, death, termination, etc.)

Criteria for recruitment decisions

Recruitment decisions are not based upon race, ethnicity, gender, age or sexual orientation. Superior Vision does not charge practitioner any membership or administrative fees, nor is any portion of schedule payment withheld. Superior Vision does not discriminate against eye care professionals that serve high-risk populations or specialize in conditions that require costly treatment.

Recruitment decisions are made solely on the basis of a practitioner’s qualifications, quality of care and the geographic need of the network. Over-saturation is avoided to ensure each practitioner an adequate share of the market.

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Image of mother and son shopping for new glasses

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