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Vision and Eye Health Solutions

Your all-in-one solution to routine vision, medical claims review, and utilization management.

A Member-centric Approach to Vision Care and Eye Health

Our continuum of vision solutions helps ensure quality and appropriateness of care. It all starts with routine vision, which typically covers annual eye exams and eyewear. That’s where most solutions stop, but we go a step further for you, by identifying and eliminating reimbursement for duplicate procedures, errors related to incorrect coding, and other mistakes that can lead to higher costs. We then complete the continuum, with utilization management for services such as surgeries and injectables.

Protocols for vision services from routine exams to surgeries change at a rapid pace. Most health plans do not have the internal resources to monitor and act on these changes.

Routine vision care programs: Why offer them?

Annual eye exams and corrective eyewear are essential components to member health. In fact, Americans who have vision coverage are more likely to live a healthier lifestyle. (National Association of Vision Care Plans, 2017).

Our members have easy access to quality care through our broad network of eye care professionals in a range of settings – from local, independent eye care professionals to large retail optical chains. Ensuring members easy access to quality care with Superior Vision can help drive improvements in HEDIS/Stars scores.

Coverage includes routine eye exams and corrective eyewear, including frames, lenses, and contact lenses. These exams promote early detection and treatment of chronic conditions.

Cost Savings through Medical Claims Review

Making sure you got what you paid for, is a part of getting the best vision care.

Our claims review process is based on nationally-recognized guidelines. Our robust process identifies and mitigates incorrect current procedural terminology (CPT) coding to reduce health plan spending.

  • Identifies and eliminates reimbursement for unnecessary or duplicative diagnostic procedures
  • Reduces medical spend by eliminating costs associated with inappropriately-billed procedures

Improve Vision Care and Reduce Costs

We expect our eye care professionals to adopt the procedures that lead to be best outcomes.

Superior Vision’s utilization management program delivers quality care, while driving cost savings and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our program encompasses:

  • Latest in evidence-based medicine to assist eye care professionals with care decisions
  • Board-certified ophthalmologists and optometrists on staff, to review requests and ensure members receive quality care
  • Utilization management platform, based on clinical guidelines
  • Quality assurance program
  • Extensive performance management
  • Retrospective data analytics

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