Your options for LASIK

Superior Vision contracts with various LASIK networks. Depending on your benefit coverage, a LASIK discount or allowance may be included. Refer to your schedule of benefits to see what your vision plan provides.

Our LASIK program

Superior National Network

The Superior National Network offers members discounts toward LASIK services.

Superior Select, Superior Select Southwest and Superior Select Midwest Networks

These networks offer members a discount on LASIK services when using an in-network QualSight provider. In addition, if you have a LASIK benefit as part of your vision benefit package and use an in-network provider, you can receive an upfront allowance towards your LASIK procedure as well as any applicable discounts. Please review your schedule of benefits to determine if you have a LASIK allowance included in your vision benefit plan.

Call (877) 201-3602 for a free LASIK consultation.

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