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A vision plan is more than just an eye exam, glasses, and contact lenses.

It is a benefit that employees want, and it is viewed as a valuable part of an employer’s complete benefit offerings and overall wellness program. With 98% member satisfaction and 99% net customer retention, the importance of vision is clear.

Additionally, utilization of vision benefits has been shown to increase employee productivity, lessen absenteeism, and contribute to one’s overall wellness by detecting signs of ocular and systemic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, cataract, and sometimes even cancer. Give your employees the gift of healthy eyes and vision.

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Stay on top with Benefits Manager Gateway

Benefits Manager Gateway is an online account administration tool allowing you to add, delete and change enrolled employees and their information.

If you aren’t already enrolled, please contact your strategic account manager or email

Stay on top with Benefits Manager Gateway

Benefits Manager Gateway is an online account administration tool allowing you to add, delete and change enrolled employees and their information.

If you aren’t already enrolled, please contact your strategic account manager or email

FAQs: Helping you help your employees’ questions

It is important that employees are fully educated in how their selected plan works. Understanding their plan will help them in multiple ways:

  • Finding the appropriate provider for their specific personal needs.
  • Selecting the benefit options they would like to utilize.
  • Understanding the frequency of those benefit options.
  • Understanding the claims and reimbursement processes.

There are two options for your convenience. One, select an out-of-network provider and use your out-of-network benefits. Two, nominate a provider in your area to be added to the Superior Vision Provider Panel.

Yes, a Provider Nomination Form can be found on our website. In addition, the employee may email us or may make the request through our Customer Service Department at (800) 507-3800. You can also fax this information to (916) 852-2380. All nomination requests are handled by our Provider Relations Department.

If there is a co-pay that is applicable to your benefit plan it will be noted in the Outline of Benefits schedule. All co-payments are paid directly to the in-network provider, or deducted from the out-of-network reimbursement.

No, unlike some benefit plans, Superior Vision does not require members to pre-select a provider, or to give Superior Vision the name of the provider prior to receiving services. Employees need only select a provider, make an appointment, and identify themselves to the provider as Superior Vision Plan members.

Members pay the provider directly for the following:

  • Any specified co-pay for the eye exam and any specified co-pay for the materials.
  • Any charges over and above the contact lens or frame allowance.
  • Any additional charges for products or services that are not fully covered under your plan. See the Limitations and Exclusions section in your welcome packet.
  • Any time the member takes advantage of an in-store sale or promotion.
  • See your Outline of Benefits for your benefit allowance amounts.

Yes, however, each provider will need to contact Superior Vision Customer Service to verify eligibility.

In the Superior Vision Provider Directory, codes for the covered services are printed beneath each provider’s name and address. These abbreviated codes will tell you and your employees which services are provided at each location.

  • EX = Routine Eye Exam
  • GL = Eyeglasses
  • CL = Contact Lenses Exam Fit
  • DP = Discount Benefit Available
  • DP8-20 = SVP8-20 Discount Benefit Available
  • RF = Refractive/LASIK Surgery Discount Available
  • ** = Services Not Available

There are no vouchers or pre-authorization forms to obtain prior to receiving services from an “in-network” provider.

  • First, call Superior Vision Customer Service at (800) 507-3800 and get an authorization number / eligibility number.
  • Second, see your provider and pay for your examination and/or materials. You do not pay the non-network provider a copay.
  • Third, place in an envelope your original itemized billing or receipt, describing all of the services and materials that were provided to you, along with your name, address and the authorization/eligibility number you received from Customer Services and mail to:

Superior Vision
P.O. Box 967
Rancho Cordova, CA 95741

You will be reimbursed according to the schedule of allowances for out-of-network services, less any required copays.

When using an in-network provider, it is not necessary to notify Superior Vision prior to receiving services.

The ID card assists provider in identifying Superior Vision members and the plans under which they are covered. It is recommended that employees show the ID card to the provider; however, they can receive services without the ID card. Employees should simply identify themselves as Superior Vision Plan members with proper personal identification, ID number, and employer’s name.

The member should first try to resolve the issue directly with the provider. However, if assistance is needed, the employee should call our Customer Service Department for further information and assistance.

Attendance at one of the open enrollment meetings is the best way to gain all the information and details regarding the use of your organization’s vision plan. In addition, the benefits are outlined in the packet of information employees receive along with their ID card. The employee can also call our Customer Service Department or visit this website to obtain additional information.

No, it is not necessary for dependents to have personal I.D cards in order to use the Superior Vision Plan benefits. Dependents may use the primary member’s ID card.

The vision plan is designed to cover “basic” lenses and frames. A basic lens is considered an uncoated plastic or glass lens. Any upgrades or add-on’s to the lens will be the member’s responsibility unless specifically covered by their employer’s plan. Examples of upgrades and add-on’s include anti-reflective and scratch coatings. The member pays the extra charges directly to the provider. Items requiring additional charges are listed under the Limitations & Exclusions section of the Outline of Benefits schedule.

Lined bifocals and trifocals are standard lenses and covered in full; progressive lenses are covered at the provider’s in-office retail price for a standard lined trifocal. The member pays the difference between their selected progressive lens and their provider’s retail price for a standard lined trifocal lens, less applicable discount if receiving the lenses from a provider who accepts our discounts. The member also pays the applicable co-pay for materials.

Please see your Outline of Benefits schedule for any possible variation for your company’s coverage of progressive lenses.

Some plans do include coverage of progressive power lenses. Please see your Outline of Benefits schedule.

Your employee can select any frame in the network provider’s inventory up to the retail allowance shown in your Outline of Benefits schedule without incurring any additional out-of-pocket cost.

The employee will pay the difference between your plan’s in-network allowance and the regular retail price of the frame selected.

The benefit covers the cost of the basic lenses which includes Rose Tint #1 and #2. For the darker sunglass tint colors, the member will need to pay an additional charge over the standard lenses.

Some plans do cover all tints. Please see your plan outline.

Under most plans, employees may use their benefits for one or the other, but not both during the same benefit period. However, some plans do cover both eyeglasses and contact lenses within the same benefit period. Please see your plan outline.

Yes, discounts are available for non-prescription sunglasses except when discounts are prohibited by the manufacturer.

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